Accountability Counsel

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website redesign for global human rights advocacy organization

Accountability Counsel

Accountability Counsel amplifies the voices of communities around the world to protect their human rights and environment. As advocates for people harmed by internationally financed projects, we employ community driven and policy level strategies to access justice.

problem The Accountability Counsel’s website was deteriorating rapidly, while the organization was poised for growth. The goal of the redesign was to take Accountability Counsel’s complex content—portraits of advocacy for and with underserved populations around the world harmed by internationally financed projects, and policy efforts to prevent such harm—and distill them into a site that was easy to navigate and easy to manage. They also needed to speak to several audiences with very different objectives: some wanted a high-level overview while others required extensive detail. As part of this challenge, Accountability Counsel was conscious of the disparity in bandwidth worldwide: the site needed to load quickly, perform best on a smartphone, support language translation.

solution Working from the Accountability Counsel’s original brand palette and its rich photography of global clients and their environment, Project6 sought to communicate their many stories through a few well-chosen, poignant images, underscored by layers of rich, well-organized content. The site leverages the vibrant palette to highlight impact figures and calls to action. Complex case studies and policy advocacy work were standardized, categorized, and, using flexible templates, made to handle content at any point in the case development.

result The Accountability Counsel’s packs a decisive punch: its work and its constituents’ stories shine. The site moves seamlessly between languages and devices, equally intuitive on desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Users who need the Accountability Counsel’s help experience a fast-to-load, easy-to-understand site. Filters help sophisticated users to identify quickly which cases are relevant to their needs. And the site is poised to grow and gain in stature right alongside the Accountability Counsel organization.