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Responsive Website Design and Sitefinity Development

The Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation

“The Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation believes in bold ideas that create enduring impact.” —If you lead with that mission statement on your home page, everything that follows had better deliver. And when it comes to initiatives in environmental conservation, patient care, and science, both around the world and in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Moore Foundation delivers with passion. Early this year, the communications team approached Project6 Design with a challenge: match the energy and vision of their work with an inspiring, responsive website design. problem Established by Intel founder Gordon Moore and his wife Betty, the Moore Foundation is committed to fostering lasting and enduring change: they seek to fund and collaborate with partners that tackle big problems. But their website had not grown with the times—literally or figuratively. Built to an 800px browser width, it lacked personality, failed to generate excitement, and offered little incentive to learn more about the work of its grantees. Moore Foundation staff found themselves hesitating to refer people to their website. Their online presence simply didn’t reflect the Moore Foundation personality or vision for change. solution Project6 sought to engage site visitors—including partners, press, job seekers, and board members—with Moore Foundation’s core programs and initiatives and the people who are making them happen. Rich images and insightful program statements rivet visitors’ attention on the main page. Using the navigation’s megamenu, readers can quickly drill down into topics of interest or discover details on more than 1500 Moore Foundation grants. The spacious, image-filled responsive design translates seamlessly to all size mobile devices, and the site leverages the Sitefinity content management system that gives Moore Foundation complete control of its content. result The resulting website illuminates the passion of the Moore Foundation’s most important asset: its people. Through, clear, inspirational storytelling, visitors are emotionally drawn to the causes that Moore Foundation supports. Visitors become more aware of the problems Moore Foundation seeks to solve, and they are inspired by the tremendous impact their work will have for generations to come.

Moore Foundation - Erin Hart

"I've been meeting with many of our grantees. Their response to the new site has been fantastic! They've called it stunning and engaging, and several have told me that they want time to lose themselves in all of the content, since it's served up in such a compelling way."

Erin B. Hart, Director of Communications, The Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation