Project6 Puts Creative Spin on Website Design for Mortgage Lending Organization

Project6 design agency is proud to announce the website redesign for Sindeo, a progressive mortgage lending corporation. Sindeo is a company of visionaries and engineers that seek to reinvent the mortgage industry by making the process clear and highly accessible to individuals exploring home ownership.

Sindeo engaged Project6 Design for their award-winning design and UX expertise. Collaborating with Sindeo's development team, Project6 designed the new website utilizing a tight grid system for easy implementation. The updated design features video throughout which demonstrates a day in the life of a home owner. The video is story-telling tool that is fun and friendly and allows the viewer to vicariously experience the positive feelings of home ownership. The result is a warm and highly engaging website that invites users to learn about this unique approach to gaining a mortgage.

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Mortgage Company Receives New Website Design from Award-Winning San Francisco Bay Area Design Firm Project6 Design




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