Project6 Design Launches Interactive Website Feature for the California HealthCare Foundation

Project6 Design, a San Francisco Bay Area graphic design firm, launched an interactive feature for the “Lean” health care management model on the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) website.

The health care industry is sitting up and taking notice of the Lean process: an approach that leverages the talents and skills of those closest to a health care problem to help fix it. CHCF wanted to present the stories and successes of the Lean model and its integration into hospitals in a fresh, engaging online format.

Project6 concepted a feature that follows the parallax style—a single, continuous page that users navigate by scrolling or using the menu that remains present at the top of the page. Each section in the feature narrative opens with captivating, full-screen video clips overlaid with powerful text, followed by supporting background content, key quotes, video testimonials, stunning imagery and other key highlights.

Nonprofit Health Care Foundation Website Design and Development

Nonprofit Health Care Foundation Website Design and Development

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